Hookah, Punjabi Songs, Instagram linked Sahil Khan to victim

| Updated: 29 May, 2023 7:01 pm IST

In a harrowing saga that has gripped the nation, Sahil Khan, a 20-year-old at the center of the Delhi love jihad murder case, has emerged as a deeply troubled individual. Sahil’s online presence provides a glimpse into the twisted world he inhabited. In the realm of social media, where illusions often thrive, his Instagram reels showcased a chilling fascination with hookah, a common thread that connected him to his victim. Sidhu Moose Wala and other Punjabi singers seemed to dominate his playlist, their music echoing a sinister soundtrack to his distorted reality.

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Sahil, a regular 20-something, was found hiding on a farm in Bulandshahr, donning a casual blue T-shirt after had killed a 16-year old Hindu girl Sakshi by stabbing and hitting. What caught the investigators’ attention was the presence of a ‘kalawa’—a sacred thread worn by Hindus—adorned around his wrists. Startlingly, Sahil exhibited no remorse for his heinous act, as revealed by insiders from the Delhi Police.

A deeper look into Sahil’s life unveils a disturbing side. He was a seemingly ordinary young man who enjoyed capturing moments on social media. His Instagram profile offered a glimpse into his interests and connections. Sahil’s videos often featured him indulging in hookah sessions, a common thread that connected him to the victim, Sakshi. In one of his reels, he had tagged Sakshi as his best friend, and she responded by tagging him back with “love you”.

READ MORE: Delhi Love Jihad murder: Accused Sahil Arrested from Bulandshahr, shows no remorse

Sahil’s Instagram activity revealed his admiration for Punjabi singers, particularly Sidhu Moosewala. The songs of Moosewala and other Punjabi artists featured prominently in Sahil’s reels, hinting at his musical preferences and influences.

Interestingly, Sakshi’s own videos showed her also enjoying hookah, indicating a shared interest between the two. It remains unclear how their relationship evolved and eventually turned into a tragedy that shocked the nation.

The CCTV footage, a chilling testament to his depravity, reveals Sahil relentlessly stabbing the young girl with unrelenting force. His vicious onslaught targeted her chest, throat, and head, showing a complete disregard for her life and humanity.

But the sheer brutality did not end there. Sahil callously picked up a large cement brick and repeatedly pounded the girl’s head, each blow echoing the depths of his disturbing psyche. The visuals captured in the footage depict a scene of unspeakable violence and unimaginable pain, leaving a nation shaken to its core.

The Delhi Police, are determined to secure police custody for Sahil, aiming to delve deeper into the horrifying details surrounding this case. Disturbing CCTV footage released by authorities exposes Sahil’s relentless assault on the defenseless girl, repeatedly stabbing her with savage force, targeting her chest, throat, and head until she succumbed to unconsciousness.

With an informant’s urgent plea serving as a catalyst, the Shahbad Dairy police station’s officers swiftly responded to the murder, launching an immediate investigation into this heart-wrenching tragedy.

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